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World Handicap System

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1. The Course
2. Handicap Index
3. Course Handicap
4. Playing Handicap
5. Adjustments to Handicap Index
6. Acceptable Scores for Handicap Index
7. Submitting Scores
8. Playing Conditions Calculations
9. Changes That You Will Notice
10. Further Information and Support

1. The Course

COURSE RATING – The course has been given a Course Rating which represents the difficulty of a course for a scratch golfer from each different tee (a bit like the old Standard Scratch rating).

WCGC Course Ratings are:
Whites 71.8
Yellow 70.3
Red 72.0

SLOPE RATING – this rating represents the relative difficulty of a course for a bogey golfer as compared with a scratch golfer. In this context bogey means a 20 handicap for men and 24 for women. Slope rating has been done for each different tee.
Slope rating will be higher on a course with long carries, narrow fairways and thick rough
Slope Rating falls within a range of 55 and 155
In GB & Ireland the average Slope rating is 125
For Handicap purposes a Neutral Slope rating of 113 is used

WCGC Slope Ratings are:
White tees – 128
Yellow tees – 125
Red tees – 126

The Slope Rating Table for WCGC can be found here

2. Handicap Index

This will be computed as the average of the best 8 of your last 20 qualifying scores posted since 1st January 2018. If you have not posted 20 qualifying scores since then a method similar to allocating a new handicap will be used.

3. Course Handicap

Your handicap on a specific day is calculated by reference to the particular course and tee that you are playing from.
To calculate your Course Handicap the Handicap Index is multiplied by the Slope Rating for the course tee being played and then divided by the Neutral Slope Rating of 113.

Some examples are shown below with three different Handicap Indexes where the Slope Rating of the White tees on a course is 127:

Handicap Index of 10.0 then Course Handicap = 10 x 127 ÷ 113 = 11.2
Handicap Index of 20.0 then Course Handicap = 20 x 127 ÷ 113 = 22.5
Handicap Index of 30.0 then Course Handicap = 30 x 127 ÷ 113 = 33.7

The software within the PSI system and the Apps will calculate your course handicap for you when you sign in for any competition. If you are submitting a score in General Play (formerly a supplementary score) you will need to either use the App or calculate your course handicap yourself.

Every member will be issued with a crard showing how to calculate their course handicap and a chart with the same information will also be available near the men's first white tee.

Please note: It is your Handicap Index that must be recorded on your scorecard.

4. Playing Handicap

You may then need to determine your Playing Handicap by converting your Course Handicap. This is dependent on the format of the competition. For example:
• 4 ball Match play the restriction is 90%
• Individual Stroke play (Medal and Stableford) the restriction is 95%.
A full list of the allowances for different types of competitions can be found here

5. Adjustments to Handicap Index

We will no longer have a "ratcheting system" of handicap adjustment. Currently a good score results in a much bigger handicap adjustment than having a poor score. Also, a spell of poor form is rewarded by 0.1 increases in handicap. Under the WHS it will be very different up & down.
Your Handicap Index will be the average of your best 8 out of the last 20 Acceptable Scores (see below). It is recalculated when new scores are returned.
For Handicap purposes, a big score at a hole is reduced to a net double bogey.
There can also be exceptional score adjustments after a very low score is returned.

6. Acceptable Scores for Handicap Index

There are two categories:
1. Competition Scores – scores in all singles competition rounds of Individual Stroke play (Medal & Stableford) played over a qualifying measured course from a particular tee
2.General Play Scores – (formerly Supplementary Scores) scores in non-competition and social golf can be used. You must register your intention to submit a score for handicap purposes prior to commencement of the round. You can do this by using the How Did I Do (HDID) App but if this is not possible you must inform the Pro Shop or Secretary of your intention.
On completion of your round you must return your hole by hole scores using the App or via the Professional or Secretary These can be played over 9 or 18 holes.

Team and Match play scores are currently excluded.

7. Submitting Scores

If you are playing at WCGC - you must post your scores electronically on the PSI system or using a phone Apps by 7pm on the day of the competition
If you are playing at any other course - on completion of the round, as soon as possible on that day, you must post your scores electronically on the PSI of the club you played. If using phone Apps, scores must be posted before midnight. Your Handicap Index will be updated in the "Cloud" at 5 minutes past midnight. There will be sanctions for non-submission of scores.

8. Playing Conditions Calculation

This adjustment is made automatically by the software to take account of abnormal course or weather conditions. It looks at all the scores submitted on the course for that day and determines if the course or weather conditions on the day differed from "Normal" expected scores. This is a bit like the current CSS adjustment.

9. Changes That You Will Notice

No "Competition" handicap status, "C" status
No handicap categories, currently Categories 1 – 6
No Standard Scratch
No 0.1 handicap increases
No Buffer Zones in determining handicap adjustments

10. Further Information and Support

There is a lot of information available on the internet – useful sites are:

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